Suzanne Winn: Sue had the privilege of growing up in a loving Christian home, and she received the Lord Jesus as her Savior at the young age of five. After many years of desiring to work with children in some way she graduated from Bible College and taught elementary-age children in two different Christian schools. Sue began working with CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP OF SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY, INC. in 1992.
     She and her husband Phil have two married sons and a grandson. They are actively involved in their local church, and Sue considers it a gift from God to be able to teach the Gospel to boys and girls in our county.

CEF Committee Members:

Chairman:     Hank Wood

Vice-Chairman:  Mark Gaylord

Secretary:     Kim Hollister

Treasurer:     Jean Hirsch

Member:     Gary Griffis

Member:     Pam Griffis

Member:     Jim Rogers

Member:     Linda Wood

Member Emeritus     Herbert Gaylord